Proudly Providing the Best in Bay Area Legal Services
Proudly Providing the Best in Bay Area Legal Services

Utah Supreme Court Changes Its Mind: Who Opens Vehicle Door During Traffic Stop Could Matter (Mon, 25 Oct 2021)
"Despite what we said in [State v.] James, it is now clear that there can be a constitutional difference between a police officer's act of opening a car door and that same officer's request that a driver do so," according to the decision written by Associate Chief Justice Thomas R. Lee with the other four judges concurring.        
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Judge Denies Mistrial in Opioid Trial After Juror Did Her Own Research (Mon, 25 Oct 2021)
U.S. District Judge Dan Polster, who is overseeing an opioid trial that began on Oct. 4, had dismissed Juror No. 4 after she admitted doing her own internet research on a topic brought up during testimony last week.        
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