Proudly Providing the Best in Bay Area Legal Services
Proudly Providing the Best in Bay Area Legal Services

Knowlege and Experience Driving Zealous Representation

Andrew S. Cantor


Andrew S. Cantor is the Principal and Managing Attorney of the Law Office of Andrew S. Cantor. With a robust national practice focusing on Civil Litigation, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Unlawful Detainer, Business Law, Family Law and Transactional Counsel, Andrew assists clients with their legal needs, while also representing clients before California and Florida's trial and appellate courts, as well as in arbitration and mediation proceedings. In addition, Andrew serves as outside legal counsel to a variety of different companies. Click here to see the Resume of Andrew S. Cantor.

An Accomplished And Surefooted Civil Litigator


The civil practice of our office reflects the best in solid and professional advocacy, representation and litigation. With standards cultivated from a wealth of experiece and a proven track record on matters such as Contracts & Corporate Law, Personal Injury Settlements, Family Law and General Litigation, we protect the interests of our clients by enforcing money rights, attacking opponent weaknesses, and relentlessly applying smart strategies. When disputes arise, clients count on Andrew to deliver solutions to get the job done right; and in this regard, Andrew stands ready to get you results. Anticipate many things with Andrew as your legal counsel. Questions are patiently answered, expectations are personally exceeded, and concerns are consistently allayed by an exemplary and effective attorney who fights for you.

A Former Prosecutor With National Experience Providing Best-in-Class Criminal Defense


Prior to establishing the Law Office of Andrew S. Cantor, Andrew worked as an Assistant State Attorney for the Miami-Dade State's Attorney Office (the fourth largest prosecutor's office in the nation) and as a clerk with the San Francisco District Attorney's Office and the New Orleans District Attorney's Office. Fluency in the State's strategy and a complete understanding of complex procedures means Andrew can deliver swift and exact results.Trained by seasoned attorneys to successfully prosecute DUIs and other criminal charges, Andrew has personally handled and resolved literally hundreds of such cases. When it comes to criminal charges, the mission of our Office is straightforward and simple: do everything possible to get your case dismissed.

Our Mission

We provide the highest quality legal representation at a reasonable fee. With the hardships of the present economy, we understand that cost plays a tremendous factor in deciding which attorney to hire.


Unfortunately, many individuals have unnecessarily sacrificed quality when looking for low-cost legal representation. Our philosophy is that individuals should not have to choose between efficiency and quality when choosing an attorney.


We believe that the legal profession is undergoing significant changes. Gone are the days that attorneys can charge exhorbinant hourly rates and rack up a client's bill for silly tasks that are non-legal in nature. As such, we provide legal services at a fair rate which never compromises on quality. Click here to get a better understanding of how our fee structures can work for you.

Powerful Representation You Can Count On


For either civil or criminal cases, Andrew aggressively prepares by filing motions and requests for discovery. He fights for you and understands and appreciates the consequences of dealing with legal matters. When you choose the Law Office of Andrew S. Cantor, you receive the best and most attentive representation; call or email today and get the attorney you deserve.


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